Sinstress – Valentine’S Day Wallet Grooming

Sinstress - Valentine'S Day Wallet Grooming - Cover

It’s that time of year when you have to be extra generous & show Me how much you appreciate Me. I’ve been grooming you to be My favorite little wallet slave. Your compliments & praises do nothing for Me. Draining your wallet is what gets Me off. And if you want to stroke & get off, you need to click that button and tribute Me. You are never allowed to stroke without spending on Me. My happiness comes through you spoiling Me. That is your purpose in life. Spend less and less every year on your own needs so you can give more & more to Me. Send that valentine’s tribute now if you want to cum for Me. I’ll reward you by flashing My asshole. Lucky you. 
Genres: Financial Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Mental Domination, Money Fetish, Valentine’S Day
Sinstress - Valentine'S Day Wallet Grooming - Preview