Sinstress – Turned Gay On Patty’S Day

Sinstress - Turned Gay On Patty'S Day - Cover

You don’t have the courage to go out and suck a real dick. So, you are going to pretend to be enhanced on St. Patrick’s day and not recall what happened. Ha ha ha. I know what a little cock weasel you are and how much you want it. And I’m prepared to turn you out. You will practice on My huge green dick before I pass you over to My guy friends. You will be spit roasted by so many cocks and I guarantee you will remember each fucking one and each load. You will please every dick in the room before you cum. And you will be the last load you eat. 
Genres: Bisexual, Cum Eating Instruction, Make Me Bi, Pegging, Pov Strapon
Sinstress - Turned Gay On Patty'S Day - Preview