Sinstress – Treasure Between Our Toes

Sinstress - Treasure Between Our Toes - Cover

From the archives, Goddess Lilith & Maya Sinstress heard that slave marco loves worshipping feet. The mean Dommes decided to get their feet filthy extra dirty to humiliate him. He worships Lilith’s feet first. She smudges dirt from her soles all over his face, getting him all blackened and dirty. Maya Sinstress’ feet are twice as filthy and turn his tongue all black. Bonus! Miss Maya always has hidden treasures between her pinky and second toes. He eats out the toe lint and jam like a good little foot loser. The ladies laugh and shame him for being such a foot loser. They made him keep foot dirt all over his face for the rest of the day. 
Genres: Dirty Feet, Female Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship
Sinstress - Treasure Between Our Toes - Preview