Sinstress – Slave To Miss Maya’S High Heels

Sinstress - Slave To Miss Maya'S High Heels - Cover

Aren’t you so excited to see Miss Maya’s new pair of extreme high heels? They are so cartoonish and sexy they get you all hot and bothered. These shoes are made to punish you. Th spiked heels will be great for digging into your nipples. And the bulbous front would be great for kicking you in the balls. You’ve got to take some pain to be allowed to worship Miss Maya’s sexy heels. Start stroking as Miss Maya flaunts her long legs and new shoes. You are going to cum worshipping these hot shoes. 
Genres: Femdom Pov, High Heels, Joi, Shoe Fetish, Stocking
Sinstress - Slave To Miss Maya'S High Heels - Preview