Sinstress – Sawing Off Your Manhood

Sinstress - Sawing Off Your Manhood - Cover

You are a masturbation addict. A complete jerk off beta loser. You objectify Women by looking at Us as sexual objects. You let your dick think for you. You send inappropriate messages and pictures that are highly offensive to superior Women like Me. You are going to make amends for your grave offenses. You are going to fully submit & there will be no more masturbation or ugly behavior. No more thinking with your dick. I’m going to go through your cutlery and fine a dull steak blade. I’m going to saw off your genitals in their entirety. No more cock. No more balls.No more gooning. No more objectification. Say goodbye to your manhood.
Genres: Cbt, Femdom Pov, Gelding, Humiliation, Penectomy
Sinstress - Sawing Off Your Manhood - Preview