Sinstress – Preview- Fuck Yourself Amp; Goon For Satan

Sinstress - Preview- Fuck Yourself Amp; Goon For Satan - Cover

This is a 6 minute preview clip of "Fuck Yourself & Goon For Satan". To get the full effect & be in utter mindless goon bliss, you need to buy the original or order a custom. Enjoy the free preview.

"In this high intensity custom video, I am instructing you to play hard for your Dark Goddess Maya Sinstress & for Satan. You are going to cum multiple times while you are all altered. You will need to have anal toys & lube and aromatherapy and cotton balls for sniffing. Gas Mask and Squeeze bottle are optional. One nostril at a time, I will seduce you to the dark side. Feel your head get all floaty from My words and constant teasing. You are going to sniff and fuck your ass as instructed like a good little slut. Each orgasm is going to be stronger than the next. Focus on your ass. No touching your cock. Let My multiple audio and visual effects fuck your mind as you stuff your ass. Let’s get deeper and darker. There is no turning back! Lick up all that leaks out from your slutty cock. You will always be cum hungry for your dark Goddess. These six orgasms in a row will be life changing. Prove your devotion goon for Me. Get harder and heavier all the way to the end."

Genres: Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Religious
Sinstress - Preview- Fuck Yourself Amp; Goon For Satan - Preview