Sinstress – Personal Pup Audition

Sinstress - Personal Pup Audition - Cover

So you want to audition to be My personal pup? What skills do you have? Let’s see if you know how to sit, stay, give paw and lay down. Each one that you get right earns you some behind the ear scratches. Your’e doing great so far. But, do you have self control? Are you able to avoid chewing My expensive high heels and avoid trying to sniff My butt? Let’s find out. I’m going to tease you with getting My butt really close. But, there is no sniffing allowed. Look at you being so good and keeping your nose and your paws to yourself. That’s a good boy. Since you’ve done such a good job, I’m going to put your puppy mitts on and let you sniff My butt for one minute. Then, I’m putting you back in the kennel where you can’t stroke yourself. You will learn to only sniff ass when instructed. 
Genres: Ass Fetish, Ass Sniffing, Femdom Pov, Pet Play, Puppy Play
Sinstress - Personal Pup Audition - Preview