Sinstress – Pay To Worship Sinstress

Sinstress - Pay To Worship Sinstress - Cover

I know the secret of what will make you cum really hard. Gooning & edging are quite exciting. But, the thrill of paying to cum makes it even better. Handing over your hard earnings gives your life purpose & meaning. And it’s the only way you would get the attention of a Woman like Me. I give you inspiration, purpose and boners on a daily basis. You should give to Me in return. It’s such a rush to send tributes every time you think or Me. It’s such a high to give to Me while you are stroking. And it’s so gratifying to give more to Me when you are ready to cum. Enjoy that excitement as you send tribute to My divine ass and superior tits. Pay to worship every single time you think of Me.
Genres: Edging Games, Financial Domination, Joi, Joi Games, Mesmerize
Sinstress - Pay To Worship Sinstress - Preview