Sinstress – Orgasm On Elm Street Trailer

Sinstress - Orgasm On Elm Street Trailer - Cover

Full version for sale here. One. Two. Freddy’s coming for you. Maya Sinstress pays tribute to Nightmare on Elm Street in this clip. You better not fall to rest. Who knows what terrorizing things will happen. Her sharp glove could easily shred your genitals. Once your eyes shut, she tears off all of your close and manipulates your mind. She changes your feeling of fear to arousal. You now fantasize about fucking Freddy. You realize how sexy Freddy is with her pentagram thong on & huge tattooed tits. She commands you to stroke your cock while she plays with your balls. She’s going to make you orgasm while you nap. Once you blow your load, she uses her sharp gloves to tear you apart. You are a fool to have let her manipulate & mind fuck you. It’s your ultimate demise. Rest time forever. 
Genres: Big Tits, Cosplay, Executrix, Halloween, Parody
Sinstress - Orgasm On Elm Street Trailer - Preview