Sinstress – Miss Maya’S Owned Ashtray

Sinstress - Miss Maya'S Owned Ashtray - Cover

You are such a lustful loser, craving to be My smoke bitch & ashtray. What makes you think anything on My body or attached to it would ever go in your mouth? Earn it. Suffer for Me. You want to be an owned ashtray, then you need to go through the steps. You will be degraded & put in your place in order to earn even being in My presence. With one ash & a few exhales, I can convince you to do whatever I want & to become owned property. I can seduce you and control every thing about you. You will become Mine to use as I see fit in every regard. 
Genres: Boot Domination, Femdom Pov, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Smoking
Sinstress - Miss Maya'S Owned Ashtray - Preview