Sinstress – Making You A Chain Smoker

Sinstress - Making You A Chain Smoker - Cover

Smoking has always been so triggering and exciting for you. But, you never realized your obsession is not just for watching Women smoke, it’s to become a smoker as well. I’m going to condition you to become a chain smoker. Your addiction starts today. I’m going to make you crave cigarettes and need to smoke one after the other. You will only be able to get hard if it involves smoke. You will get random erections whenever you smell smoke. You won’t be able to cum without lighting up. Start stroking and smoking as I seduce you & reprogram your mind. My curves and seductive voice will ensure you become a chain smoker for Me. 
Genres: Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, Latex, Legs, Smoking
Sinstress - Making You A Chain Smoker - Preview