Sinstress – Light Headed Huffing Joi

Sinstress - Light Headed Huffing Joi - Cover

It’ that time! I’m going to get you further addicted to huffing & destroy your mind. I’m going to bring out your inner submissive who no longer thinks and just follows orders. Open that bottle and breathe in as I instruct. See how weak you are getting for Me from your first breath? You grow weaker and weaker and more vulnerable as I seduce you with My curves. I am going to control every inch of you- mind, body & cock. It’s really easy to make your mind melt into a pile of mush. Stroke for Me while you huff. Let’s take this up a notch, you are going to put a bag over your head with a cotton swab in it. Prepare to get all fuzzy. Stroke faster before you run out of air. You need to cum before time is out! (You need huffing supplies, cotton and a bag to play along at home).
Genres: Breath Play, Joi Games, Masturbation Games, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
Sinstress - Light Headed Huffing Joi - Preview