Sinstress – Heavy Gooning Instruction Trailer

Sinstress - Heavy Gooning Instruction Trailer - Cover

Enjoy this fee extended trailer. If you enjoy the preview, support by buying the clip. "Get ready for a long and intense gooning/ masturbation instruction clip with Miss Maya Sinstress. She knows you are a compulsive masturbator and porn addict. It’s time to see how much edging you can endure before you finally explode. This gothic fetish Mistress teases you with her head to toe leather clad curvy body. She tells you how fast to stroke and for how long while trigger words appear on your screen. She wants to make you weak and desperate to cum. Her shiny leather ass, huge tits and leather gloves will keep you gooning hard with a throbbing erection. Keep stroking until she tells you to take your hands off. She wants you to get mesmerized and sink deep. Your cock belongs to her. She is going to edge you back and forth until you get so close you beg for permission cum. See if you can make it through the entire jerk off instruction video."
Genres: Edging Games, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Milf
Sinstress - Heavy Gooning Instruction Trailer - Preview