Sinstress – Halloween Nailjob

Sinstress - Halloween Nailjob - Cover

Witchy Goddess Maya Sinstress flaunts her sexy halloween nails. They are covered in a ghost, spider mummy, monster and glitter. They are too cute and sexy not to get aroused by. If you want to kiss her hands & suck on her nails you need to earn it first. Play with your nipples. If you have nails, dig them in and pinch. That’s a good sub. She’s going to allow you to suck on her fingers while you stroke. Sinstress uses a flesh colored dildo to tease you. She shows you how she is going to scratch and tease your cock while you stroke at home. You will be getting a halloween nail job. Cum as she instructs. 
Genres: Finger Nail Fetish, Halloween, Joi, Nail Art, Nails
Sinstress - Halloween Nailjob - Preview