Sinstress – Halloween Genital Reconstruction

Sinstress - Halloween Genital Reconstruction - Cover

You came to the wrong house trick or treating this year. Maya Sinstress opens the door as a busty Wednesday Addams. She catches you staring at her massive spilling tits. This is not acceptable. Perverts like you need to be punished for this sort of behavior. You must never be able to breed.She is going to make an example out of you. She’s going to torment and alter your genitals. That will put a smile on her gothic face. You are going to be in agony but, it’s an appropriate punishment for your behavior. She goes through her cutlery deciding what blade will be best to remove your cock and balls. It’s going to be painful but it’s all for the best. She slowly files away at what once was your manhood.
Genres: Cbt, Cosplay, Gelding, Halloween, Penectomy
Sinstress - Halloween Genital Reconstruction - Preview