Sinstress – Entry Level Aroma Play

Sinstress - Entry Level Aroma Play - Cover

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for some easier, more entry level aroma play clips. Most of My videos with RUSH are high intensity. This clip is meant for beginners who want to slowly ween in to euphoric sniffing & edging. Here you go. Have a fresh bottle ready.

My little sniffing virgin, it’s going to feel so good to breathe in and submit to Me. You will lightly sniff per My instructions. You will jerk and huff as I instruct you. Both of your heads are going to get all warm and stimulated. I want to get you completely hooked & addicted to Me. Build up that orgasm. You are going to have a really intense orgasm for Me while you are all floaty. I’m going to seduce you with My curves & make it so difficult for you to hold back. But, you are not allowed to cum until I tell you. These jerk off instructions will really get you going. Be a good gooning boy & be ready to blow when I say!

Genres: Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, Joi, Joi Games, Masturbation Encouragement
Sinstress - Entry Level Aroma Play - Preview