Sinstress – Diced Dick And Balls

Sinstress - Diced Dick And Balls - Cover

Miss Maya Sinstress bought a special gift just for you. You’ll end up paying for it in multiple ways in the long run. She is going to do some behavioral correction and body modification with you. A fucking pathetic loser like you doesn’t deserve to keep his manhood intact. Time to get you as smooth as a ken doll. She’s going to use her new gift- a super sharp pro chef tool to chop off your junk. Your balls and your cock will both be removed. She wants to pull your testicles out of the sac and dice them up. This will be so excruciating for you, but so exciting for Sinstress. In the long run, you will learn to thank her for your penectomy. Your dick never served a purpose to begin with. 
Genres: Cbt, Femdom Pov, Gelding, Glove Fetish, Penectomy
Sinstress - Diced Dick And Balls - Preview