Sinstress – Covid Castration Punishment

Sinstress - Covid Castration Punishment - Cover

With all this free time you’ve had in quarantine, all you have been doing is beating off to porn. What have you done that’s productive to society? Nothing. You just stay at home jerking & not washing your hands, putting people at risk. You should learn to keep your Grubby hands off your dick. I’ve got a solution to ensure you will stay at home & not infect other people. I’m going permanently punish your dick. My dull burdizzo will be such a painful castration for you. And you will be too humiliated, depressed and ashamed to ever leave the house again. And you’ll no longer be able to use your dick. It’s a win/ win situation! I’m going to make an example of you to inspire all Women. Castration is going to catch on during Covid. 
Genres: Big Tits, Cbt, Femdom Pov, Gelding, Humiliation
Sinstress - Covid Castration Punishment - Preview