Sinstress – Caged In Quarantine

Sinstress - Caged In Quarantine - Cover

The best way to spend your quarantine time is in My dungeon. I’m going to keep you restrained in leather in My prison cell cage. You will be stripped of all rights & have to earn any rewards. You will have no freedom whatsoever. You will be ball gagged so I can hear any complaints or sounds of agony. A gas mask will be placed over your gag. You will get all light headed from breath play. Once completely vulnerable, I’m going to crop, and and whip you. Strict discipline is how I will keep your ego in check. Once you suffer enough, I will allow you to polish My latex catsuit as a reward. You will be allowed to cum regularly once you have pleased Me. Start stroking. 
Genres: Bondage, Femdom Pov, Latex, Slave Training, Whipping
Sinstress - Caged In Quarantine - Preview