Sinstress – Brainwashing Bimbo Aroma Gooning Trailer

Sinstress - Brainwashing Bimbo Aroma Gooning Trailer - Cover

Warning: Intense 37 minute edging loop. Meant to play start to finish & over and over. Aroma, dildo, porn & gas mask are encouraged. Are you a hardcore gooner & aroma slut who needs programming? Are you a sissy or porno slut who needs to be brainwashed into sucking a ton of cock and being dirty. This loop clip is perfect for you. Maya Sinstress encourages you to sniff and edge and goon while teasing you. Surround yourself with porn. Edge yourself while being completely over stimulated. Audio and visual effects kick in once you get nice and floaty. You will be brought to the edge & denied. You must stop. No cumming allowed. Only gooning forever. "Stroke, stroke, goon & edge. No cumming ever!" This bimbo brainwashing loop will keep you on the edge. Rinse and repeat. You will always keep sniffing, keep edging, keep fucking, keep tributing & keep being Miss Maya’s gooned bitch. Watch and rewatch in a pattern until you can’t anymore. This is well worth it.
Genres: Edging Games, Joi Games, Make Me Bi, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
Sinstress - Brainwashing Bimbo Aroma Gooning Trailer - Preview