Sinstress – Ass Worship As A Reward

Sinstress - Ass Worship As A Reward - Cover

Are you brave enough to submit to Me? Knowing you have to earn every reward through suffering. Let’s begin by getting you handcuffed and gagged. Making you vulnerable and helpless will really get Me excited. Once your rights and manhood have been stripped about, I am going to make you take some pain. There will be no warm up. You will take dozens or lashes from My 5 foot single tail whip. The intensity of the pain will make the pleasure so much more enjoyable. I’m going to cover you with My ass and let you worship it since you did so well with the whipping. Now that your cock is rock hard, let’s get it caged up in this spiked metal Cbb device. Let’s see if getting harder is worth it with all those metal teeth digging in. It’s so painful when I continue to tease your cock and make you cum with that cage on.
Genres: Ass Fetish, Ass Worship, Big Tits, Femdom Pov, Whipping
Sinstress - Ass Worship As A Reward - Preview