Sinstress – 3 Month Lock Up

Sinstress - 3 Month Lock Up - Cover

You said you wanted to serve Me & you’re willing to do anything to make Me happy. Now is the time to get out that chastity cage. Locking your dick up & taking your money as a key holder is what will make Me happy. Making you suffer while locked up and getting you sexually frustrated will get Me off. That cage stay on until I choose to unlock you. For the first month, you will be watching an hour of porn every day. After the first month, you’ll start getting desensatized. So, you will up it to 2 hours a day while using a vibrator per My instructions. Third month will include 3 hours of porn and more torturous instructions. Play along at home. You want to make Me happy and locking up your dick is what will do it. 
Genres: Chastity Devices, Edging Games, Femdom Pov, Key Holding & Chastity, Masturbation Humiliation
Sinstress - 3 Month Lock Up - Preview