Cassandra Cain – Taking Daddys Money

Cassandra Cain - Taking Daddys Money - Cover

You’ve found out that your stepdaughter is working at a strip club so you decide to blackmail her by going and getting a handjob in exchange for your silence. I come on stage and do my sexy dance. Afterwards she heads too VIP to start a private dance. After dancing around, shaking my ass I look back at the lucky guy getting his dance and I am surprised to see that its you! OMG, please Daddy, don’t tell mom. I will do ANYTHING…You then ask for a hand job while I dance for you. I suppose I can, as long as mom doesn’t find out. I start jerking your cock, stroking up and down while talking dirty. Yeah Daddy, this is what you’ve always wanted right? To see me strip naked and play with your rock hard cock? Mmm yes, well guess what Daddy? I record all my dances and I actually own this place. NOW, you’re going to cash out Daddy or else I will tell mom. You don’t want her to find out right? Now, jerk that fucking cock off for me and give me a cum tribute and all your money. Pay up Daddy!
Genres: Blackmail Fantasy, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Financial Domination, Latina
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