Cassandra Cain – I Own The Professor

Cassandra Cain - I Own The Professor - Cover

“Professor, you look nervous…Do I make you nervous? I bet you wouldn’t mind me visiting every day would you professor” There is a specific reason i signed up for your class. “I came across some interesting pictures on the internet. Can you guess what i am looking at professor? Hmmm….Well let’s see. Here’s a picture and looks like you but it’s strange because it shows a very fat man squatting naked and he has a dildo in his mouth, and this one…Well it looks like you but your naked and your penis is incredibly small. and you are wearing some bizarre lingerie. See professor it would be a shame if your wife saw the pictures. Would she cry if she saw what a disgusting pervert you are?Awwww so sad…" So, heres the thing, every year I choose a professor to own and I have decided to chose you. Take out your cock and stroke .From now on I own you and will do whatever I want with you. The first rule is no fucking your wife, ever. Instead, I will tell you when you can and can’t cum. Do you wanna cum professor? Don’t I look hot professor? Beg me professor to shoot that load from that tiny cock. Faster fat man. You like being humiliated don’t you professor? Cum when I say professor…5 4 3 2 1 now!"
Genres: Blackmail Fantasy, Cum Countdown, Femdom, Humiliation, Sph
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